Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt Driveway

Bringing our premium quality asphalt paving to Washington’s and Oregon’s roads, parking lots, and driveways, for residential purposes. You can not have a premium asphalt product without top-notch equipment. Our workforce has all of the required skills and licensure to operate our equipment. You want the very best paver to bring your company or residence to the point of perfection.

Whether you are looking for an asphalt paver for a small repair job or a large new asphalt paving project in Washington and Oregon you’ll be happy to know that you can count on us at Green & Martinez Masonry to give you incomparable quality. From your first phone call through completion, you’ll enjoy the most professional service because we focus on exceeding your expectations across the board.

One thing that makes us unique is that with over several years of combined experience, we’ve pretty much seen and done it all as an asphalt paver. We look at each job on its own because we recognize your job is never going to be exactly the same as any other. This customized approach means you get the best results possible.

We have two things that make it possible for us to give you customized results. First, we have all the equipment so we can use the right one for your job to get lasting results. Second, we complete all projects in-house – no outside contractors that may or may not live up to the high standards that we have in place.

The bottom line is that having us as your asphalt paver means your project will stay on budget and on time, and be done right the first time. Contact us today and we’ll come to see your project and provide a free quote based on our assessment of what is needed. When you want impeccable results, think of Everlast Home Improvements – the best asphalt paver in the area!

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